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Projects We’re Funding

When you reach 500 dots, you can choose one of the projects listed below, and edot will send a donation on your behalf.  All of our dots together will add up to make a significant difference! We’ll keep you updated as these projects are funded and we take on new ones.  Check back often for updates!

Jailer Sandoval Arroyo is 37 years old and a native of Carmen de Bolivar, which is where he and his father own farmland on which they grow cassava and yams. He lives there with his family, which consists of his wife and ten year old son. Jailer may not always have yams and cassava to sell from either his land or his father’s, so he also buys sheep in Montería when necessary. He wants to take advantage of his trips to Montería by seizing the opportunity to sell yams, cassava, and avocados while he is there. He is requesting a loan from Fundación Mario Santo Domingo (which he joined two years ago) in the amount of 2,000,000 COP. He will buy 50 sturdy bags filled with cassava, yams, and carmero avocados so that he can sell his products in the markets where his suppliers are located.You can see more of his story by clicking here.

Daniel Javier Gutierrez Rosales, from Nicaragua, is seeking funding for an education in industrial engineering.  Here are his thoughts on his personal goals. “My greatest wish in life is to capitalize on my education to contribute to the development of Nicaragua. I want to work in this profession because I rely on the values that I was taught in my family and because we were born to serve. The quality I have to be successful in this job is my wish to succeed and achieve something different. I met some difficulties, but with determination and dedication any problem can be solved.” Read more of his story here.

Melonie Caburog is 37 years old and raises pigs, cows, and goats for a living. She began her business in 2008. She enjoys work everyday, and is grateful that she earning enough for her family. She would like to apply for a loan from World Vision in order to purchase additional piglets and feed. Her business is very important because she also helps support her parents and siblings to meet the needs in their families. Look for the Every Day One Thing community funding page here.

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