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No use crying over spilled oil?

May 28, 2010

Just doesn’t sound right, does it? At edot, we’re all about the little things…that’s the foundation of why we exist.  When I looked at the newspaper headlines this morning and saw another story on the oil spill, I have to admit that it really got to me.  Think about it.  You’re at home, you bump the table, and a glass of milk falls over.  You’ve “spilled” a glass of milk, and the implication is that it’s not a huge deal.  You’ll clean it up and move on.  But consider a truck that’s transporting milk. The truck springs a leak and we’ve dumped milk all over the place.

Why soften the oil mess by calling it a spill?  That’s such a nice, small, compact word, but the problem is, it’s not.  We can’t just clean the oil up, and the ramifications continue for years.

Our edotters have inspired this post, actually.  One of our active cycle commuters, @fbaum, posted this on the edot site and Twitter a few weeks ago: “If we all edot, our oil problems will be history.”  His point being that if we keep up the little things, we can make a difference.  Some new edotters from the World Vision Micro FB Fan page wrote about how often they are carpooling, and it was great to see their enthusiasm.  There’s a reason our commuting category is the one with the most dots–we know it makes a difference.

People say that you should vote with your dollars, but at edot, we say  vote with your actions and your voices.  The little things add up, and the more we post about it, the more we will motivate ourselves and others.

Not an edotter yet?  Click here to join the movement!

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