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Our Earth Day News: We’re Going Nonprofit!

April 22, 2010

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We want to begin this post with huge thank you–to all of our edotters for joining us in a cause that we feel is so important.  We know that every “one thing” we do makes a global impact, but it takes people like you who care enough to share what you are doing with the world to prove that point.

Edot was founded one month ago, and on that day we started with 112 Facebook Fans. People started using the site immediately..even in our beta state.  Thank you.  Because of you, we are moving forward and aiming for global usage.

That being said, our team behind the scenes is an awesome group of socially cool people, and we came to a collective decision this week that Every Day One Thing will be a non profit organization. In the world of social media, that’s a very important distinction, and we want the message to be loud and clear that we are working on the project to make a difference in the world.  By using edot and racking up to points, so are you!

So what’s next for the site?  One small update has already occurred, and two major ones are brewing.  In the spirit of nonprofitness, we would love your input, so please feel free to add comments here.

1. What’s your number? Yesterday we changed your personal page to give you an update as to how many “things” you’ve done and how many points you’ve earned.

2. Comments! We’re working on adding the ability for you to be able to dialogue with people when they have posted their “thing!” If someone does something really cool (like one of our edotters who made 150 sandwiches for a homeless shelter in his area), you’ll have the ability to comment on that.

3. Categories and points.  Next week will be our first official category week!  We’re going to open a discussion on this blog about what categories we could/should add, and ideas on how we are assigning the point values.

So what do the points mean?  As our user base grows, we will have more people making a statement each time they do just “one thing.”  That’s leverage, folks.  For businesses, city governments, schools, local non profits. Without sharing anyone’s personal data, we’ll have numbers associated with how much you care about a particular cause.  That’s exciting!

This is your site…we want to use a bit of a wiki-approach to make it better and help it grow.  Thank you for joining us and please help spread the word that Every Day, One Thing really matters!

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