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Jump Start: Meatless Monday!

March 26, 2010

This post is being written in advance so you can plan ahead…start your
edot week next week with a “meatless meal” one thing!  Every heard of Meatless Monday?  I ran across this program a while back and was impressed with an initiative that covers both health and environmental benefits.

At edot, our team is committed to helping you find ways you can do one thing each day that makes a significant difference in your community and globally.  Meatless Monday is a great way to take a stand and show that we’re adding up.

Want to see how?  Here’s what the Treehugger website has to say about Meatless Monday:

If we all just commit to one day a week without eating meat, the effect will be great over the course of the year:

  • Our greenhouse gas emission reductions equal US switching from a car with average fuel efficiency (that’s about 22 mpg for the entire fleet) to a high efficiency car such as the Toyota Prius (50 mpg).
  • We will save about 1 ton of water, enough to fill up the bathtub 22 times per week
  • If everyone in the US did this, we’d collectively save about 12 billion gallons of gasoline

I’m in!  Who’s with me?  Score all of your meatless meals on edot on Monday and we’ll see how our community does as a group!  Spread the word!

Additional Resources

Epicurious provides a quick resource of great vegetarian meals

Top 1 Meatless Monday Moments highlights several well known authors and resources, including Michael Pollan and Food Inc.

The Guardian writes about the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Goop Newsletter Gweneth Paltrow writes about Meatless Mondays

There are so many great resources out there–we invite you to share some of your favorites and inspire fellow edotters!

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