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From our edotters…

March 23, 2010

Today I found myself temporarily speechless…a couple of times.  I was reading posts on the edot site to see what people are up to, and I’m going to share a few of them that rocked my world.  Why?  Because people are using this site exactly the way we hoped they would–as a way to remind themselves of the power of small things and share that feeling with others.  Not everyone chose to tweet their comments, so I am just putting the actual posts here to keep it more of a group comment area.

  • Tuned my bike up and started riding to class today.
  • Started sponsoring a Zambian girl named Bertha through World Vision.
  • Taking donations to the Bread of Life Mission, Seattle
  • Back to using my Thermos for all beverages instead of cups and water bottles!
  • Biked to the gym – left the car parked (smile)
  • Lending on Vittana -$100 (Vittana is a college loan based micro-enterprise loan program)
  • Brought my thermos to JavaBean in W. Seattle – no disposable paper cup this morning!
  • i volunteered a few hours to girls rock! seattle today!
  • dug through the kitchen trash, removing all the recyclable my kids tossed in there all weekend.

I could go on…I don’t know about you, but this stuff moves me and motivates me.  The power of our contributions is amazing and it’s so cool to see what people are up to!

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